How It Works

Find out how ZipCloud for Business can work for your company, from creating users to your first backup. See how we protect your business.

Add new users

Create Accounts for your Team

Setting up your whole team to work in the cloud and backup all company computers is so simple. You just enter the name and email address of each user and we will email them logins and their own download link.

Licences are automatically assigned to each user, so they can start backing up their files to the cloud within minutes of you signing up.

Allocate storage space per user

Allocate storage space to each User

We understand that different users in your business will have different storage and sharing needs, so we allow you to allocate space to each user and their computers, phones or other web enabled devices.

You will be able to monitor each users storage and allocate more space instantly with a scroll of a slider.

start protecting your business

... And Start protecting your Business!

The ZipCloud software will run on each users computer in the background. You can schedule when you want backups to run and ZipCloud will run on auto-pilot.

You will never lose or be without a company document, email or file again.