Backup Your Business In The Cloud...

Backup your company's data to the cloud. Open, edit, manage, share and print files from anywhere using any device!

Business Cloud Storage
  • Send, Share & Store

    Send and share files with employees, clients or co-workers. Store files safely and restore them easily when you need to.

  • Protect Your Business

    Keep your business computers and data safe with ZipCloud for Business. It's simple cloud storage, now for the whole office.

  • Admin Control Panel

    Setup each team member with their own user account to backup, share and send files. You can control what they can do.

I can't recommend ZipCloud highly enough, I had my whole team setup in minutes! - Steve Thomas, UK

Why Choose ZipCloud?

  • 100% Automated Backup
  • PC, Mac & Linux Compatible
  • Access Files from any Device
  • iOS, Android & BlackBerry Apps
  • Share Files & Folders
  • Technical Support Gold Award 2012 "ZipCloud offers peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your files." 5 Stars