Fight night has finally arrived and the combatants, Cloud Backup and the External Hard Drive, are now making their way to the squared circle. With gloves laced and ready for battle, their mouths can finally take a break; the build-up is over and the time for answers is here!

For the past couple of months, the External Hard Drive has been the more vocal of the two, and has so far won the battle of words leading up to the event which has captured the world’s imagination.



‘Unbeaten,’ the External Hard Drive repeated again on the final leg of the Press Tour. ‘Unbeaten. And look who I’ve dismantled—the Flash Drive, Floppy Disk, CD and DVD. I’ve conquered them all and I will be victorious. I’ve been on the shelf a long time, sure—but let me tell you this: I’ve got data backed up that’s older than Cloud Backup! And he only beat those devices after I beat em’. So what does that tell you? He’s been picking off my leftovers. Some record, huh? I’m gonna’ drag and drop him. Period.’

Cloud Backup, still remaining composed, then took to the platform. ‘The External Hard Drive. I respect him as a device. Look what he’s achieved over the years. His victories have been as big as his heart, and the world owes him a lot for the strength he has shown. He has backed up an awful lot, but I think this is my time to take over as king of storage. I know I can backup my words—but can he still? There is also a question of his defense and mobility—something his developer hasn’t updated in years. I’m ready for whatever he has in store.’

Tale of the Tape


CB: Virtual EHD: Physical



CB: SSL 256 bit Encryption (Bank Grade), 24/7 monitored Data Centers, 99.99% Durability, Data Mirroring protocols

EHD: Physical hard casing



CB: No storage device necessary, data can be accessed 24/7 from any location worldwide via numerous devices such as Desktop Computers like Mac, Windows and Linux, and Smartphones, Notebooks and Tablets

EHD: Device must be connected via a flash drive port and carried to each location by the user



CB: Ultimate 1TB Storage EHD: 1-2 Terabyte average



CB: 100% Automated Scheduled Backups, Drag & Drop, File Sharing, File Versioning, File Sync, 24/7 Technical Support (Home, Reseller & Business Plans available)

EHD: Convenient Drag & Drop capabilities



CB: Unrestricted upload/downloads speed EHD: Fast PC-to-Device transfer



CB: Weightless, data is stored in offsite Data Centers; this means there is no storage device to be lost, stolen, damaged, or that can be at risk of hard drive failure and or virus infection

EHD: approx. 200-250g



Cloud Technology: Earliest forms in 1960s, commercial boom in 2007

Ext. HDD Technology: Earliest forms in 1950s, commercial boom in late 1990s


The Outcome

The External Hard Drive showed its warrior spirit as it fought on courageously through to hear the final bell. Though it showed it still possesses some great abilities, it was ultimately exposed by the innovations of Cloud Backup. Post fight, the humbled storage veteran showed that all animosity had cleared when he congratulated his conqueror. ‘He was too mobile for me,’ he said. ‘Just too mobile. The world’s racing forward into a wireless era where data can be accessed instantly through many platforms. I just couldn’t keep up—what can I say? He dished out a lot of damage due to my limited defense, too. And that’s never happened before. This kid’s the future.’



‘He’s a great fighter,’ Cloud Backup said of his opponent. ‘He would not quit, he kept coming forward from the first round. And he will be remembered forever. No one will forget his contributions to data storage. He’s a champion and always will be. He’s up there with the best storage devices of present and past. But I showed what I can do tonight, and I am here to stay. My goal is to provide the greatest, safest and simplest data access solutions in the world. This is where I belong.’

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