It is that time of year again folks, Fall is upon us and it is time to batten down the hatches and focus on cyber security. Here at Zip Cloud we take security of data very seriously and we want to take this opportunity to impart some top tips, not only for the cloud but also for your entire digital life.

The theme of this years Cyber Security Month is 'Sharing Responsibility', so as well as keeping safe on your own computer or phone make sure you take 15 minutes to check up on those who aren't as tech savvy as yourself. We will be discussing security throughout the month here on the blog to help you and your files stay secure.

Viruses, Malware & other nasties

When was the last time you updated your anti-virus software? Or even your non-tech savvy friends or family members? It is important to make sure Anti-Virus applications are not only up to date but ensuring if they require a subscription payment that it is in date. If not, it is likely the latest virus definitions are not available to you.

For Windows users one of the best free virus protection suites today is Microsoft's very own Security Essentials. When it comes to Malware protection, MalwareBytes Free service is exceptional. If you still have a Windows XP machine be aware that Microsoft will no longer be supporting it come April 2014. That gives you just over 6 months to think about an upgrade, if you have concerns about data security start backing up with ZipCloud today ready for the migration to a new operating system.

Mac users often overlook anti-virus software which can lead to serious security compromises. Sophos, who have years of experience is anti-virus, provide a completely free application for OS X that not only checks and runs fixes for Viruses but Trojans, worms and Malware.

Most anti-virus apps come with schedule settings just like ZipCloud's, so make sure you have this set to run at least once a fortnight automatically. Before running any big Zip Cloud backups of newly acquired files it is best to first run a quick virus scan over them, if files are uploaded infected they will be that way when they are restored.

Stay tuned for next weeks guide on staying secure on the move.

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