Amazon has just launched the biggest rival to the Apple iPad - at just half the price of the top-selling tablet. It will run a version of Google's Android operating system called "Amazon Silk" and looks similar to BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet, however unlike the iPad, the Kindle Fire has no camera.

Up until this point Amazon has only been producing non colour devices designed for reading books and other mediums like newspapers and magazines. They are obviously primarily targeting competition with Apple but have many aspirations to target rival companies such as US based bookseller Barnes & Noble.

The device is expected to be available by early November and sales of the Kindle Fire are expected to be boosted by its price of $199 (£130) - much less than the cheapest iPad, which costs $499 (£319).

According to technology research firm Gartner, the iPad will account for 68.7% of the 69.7 million tablets sold this year. It will also remain the top-selling device over the next few years, potentially being a serious contender in the "tablet" market.

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