What does ZipCloud Backup?

all your files

All Your File Types

We backup all your file types, so no need to worry or pick and choose! Use the file types tab in your application settings to make sure you haven't got a file type excluded that you want to backup.

Files up to 5GB

Files up to 5GB

By default file size is set to 2mb, you can increase your maximum file size to 5Gb in the backup selection tab located in backup settings.

External devices

External Drives

External drives can be backed up by adding them in your advanced backup selection located in backup settings. You can also add external drives by right clicking on the drive in 'computer' and using the context menu to add to backup selection.

What don't we backup?

ZipCloud does not want to waste your bandwidth or slow down your backups, so we don't backup your operating system, application files, or temporary internet files.