With all the great features of ZipCloud and some fantastic business tools too, you’ll love what ZipCloud for Business can do for you.

Your Business, is now in the Cloud

access files anywhere, anytime

Data backup and storage can be a big worry for business, but now it’s time to take that worry away by placing your data in our hands. With ZipCloud we take care of your backups and ensure that your business can benefit from everything the cloud has to offer. From your central administrative control panel you can oversee how your business not only backs up its files, but you can give your employees the chance to share and collaborate on projects seamlessly.

Create & Manage User Accounts

Get your whole team setup in minutes

Your cloud backup system can be run as easily as your physical business thanks to the administrative account. From here, the admin user has complete control and can create user account for the employees of your business at any time, manage their online storage limits and view their backed up files. You can also share any backed up files as the admin user and also control what your employees can access from their own individual control panels.

100% Safe & Secure Storage

Your file secruity is our #1 priority

From the second you hit backup as a business user your files are looked after with the utmost care which includes military grade encryption during data transfer and storage. We understand as well as any that data loss or breach can be devastating to a business, and that’s why we pride ourselves on ensuring that your backups are in the safest hands possible as soon as you sign up.

Work Together, with File Sharing

Share files & folders with co-workers

ZipCloud gives businesses the opportunity to always be connected by making it easier than ever to work together. File and folder sharing helps businesses to communicate much more efficiently and file collaboration allows employees to work together regardless of where they are – inside the office or outside the office. Whole folders can be access by everyone in the workspace in seconds, completely getting rid of costly breakdowns in communications and making your whole office a more efficient environment.

Don’t forget the rest, there’s even more features...

Unlimited User Accounts

Setup as many accounts as you like, all of our plans come with unlimited user accounts. Your account grows as your business does!

100% Automated Backups

Manage all user accounts, monitor their activity and storage usage. Get a single centralised bill for your company.

Team Collaboration

Use our shared sync folder to share large files quickly with co-workers. It’s now easy to work together with ZipCloud.

Network & External Drives

Backup your entire business including all NAS and external drives. We don’t charge extra, if it’s your business it’s backed up.

FREE Mobile Apps!

Not in the office? Access all your files from your mobile device with our free apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

24/7 Tech Support

Should anything go wrong, were always here to help. If you can’t find an answer in our support center, just give us a call.